Paige Junaeus is a Speaker, Columnist, and Creative. She is well known for her work teaching and motivating people from all walks of life. Paige got her start in the fashion world, eventually moving into interior design, and ultimately into public speaking. Between 1972 and 1983 Paige modeled for Mary Web Davis. After roughly ten years of high fashion runway modeling for designers. Paige decided to pursue other professional interest. Starting in 1984 she attended Long Beach State University. After spending 4 years there Paige went on to start her own interior design company, working with a number of furniture labels including Ralph Lauren and Henredon. She has designed a number of notable homes, corporate offices, and estates in Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Stockholm, Sweden.

Alongside Paige’s interest in fashion and design, she has been involved in ministry and community outreaches ever since she was introduced to the local church. Her earliest church experiences started as a child when in 1967 her family became a part of a neighborhood church in Whittier, Ca. under the care of Pastor Ron Prinzing. Paige often tells stories about this time in her life during her speaking engagements, attributing her later work as having been directly inspired by the many wonderful people she had met and been supported by.

Not long after Paige’s positive local church experience she began to get more involved in ministry. During her early twenties she began teaching a bible study in her mother’s home that encouraged many young people to attend. This study lasted over five years, bringing substantial spiritual growth to all that attended. Today, over twenty different ministries currently attribute their origins to those meetings.      continue ...

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